13th August 2020



TITLE: Language Courses
URL: https://www.my-language-travel.com/

TITLE: Instituo Chac-Mool in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico
DESCRIPTION: Spanish Schools in Mexico. Learn Spanish with the Best Spanish Immersion Program
URL: http://chac-mool.com

TITLE: Italian school in Italy
Description: Best languages offers language courses abroad in different language schools from China to Canada and Latin America
URL: http://www.bestlanguages.com

URL: http://www.sprachreisenvergleich.de/

URL: http://www.Sprachreisen.info

TITLE: Italian courses in Italy
Description: Learn a language in an international location, just where it is spoken abroad, from Italian, English and French to Chinese and Spanish
URL: http://www.golanguagecourses.com

TITLE: Spanish Immersion in Bolivia
Description: Study Spanish or Quechua in Bolivia Sustainable Bolivia provides high-quality training for students of all levels and ages.
URL: http://www.sustainablebolivia.org/lenguaje.html

TITLE: Spanish Immersion
Description: Directory of spanish immersions schools and language related sites.
URL: http://www.executivespanishimmersion.com

TITLE: Sprachreise nach Malta – English Language School Malta
URL: www.maltalingua.de

Title: Online Spanischunterricht

TITLE: 123 Guide of Languages.
Description: Your guide to choose language schools around the world.
URL: http://learnlanguagesguide.com

TITLE:The Spanish Cat
Spanish Language School Listing
URL: www.thespanishcat.com

TITLE:Malta Lingua
Malta’s Newest English Language School
URL: www.maltalingua.com

TITLE: – Learn Spanish at AIL Madrid language school
Description: – Study Spanish in Spain at AIL Madrid language school. Our Spanish adult courses include, intensive Spanish immersion program, gap year in Spain, DELE exam preparation courses, work placements, over 50s courses, business Spanish, university preparation programme and Spanish dance.
URL: – www.ailmadrid.com/

TITLE: ‘Study German Online’
Description: ‘New webpage with online German courses. Go to
german-for-Everyone to interactively learn German online.’
URL: http://languages4everyone.com/german

TITLE: El Sol – Spanish Language School – Travel to Lima and Learn Spanish. We offer six levels to study Spanish, homestay, volunteer opportunities and more.

TITLE: Learn Japanese
Description: Learn Japanese with FREE Daily Podcasts
URL: http://www.japanesepod101.com

TITLE: In learn mexico spanish
Description: Spanish with FUN is a great possibility to learn or improve the Spanish language. LENGUAVIVA (since 1989) offers in downtown Sevilla courses to learn Spanish. The school is passing every two years the independent quality control CEELE.
URL: http://www.spanish-with-fun.com

TITLE: CourseLocate – language courses
Description: Search and compare schools and courses around the world.
URL: http://www.courselocate.com/

TITLE: Spanish-Spanish: Learn Spanish in Spain
Description: Come study Spanish in some of tyhe most beautiful cities in Spain. We’ll make learning Spanish a unique experience also thanks to our rich program of activities.
URL: http://www.spanish-spanish.com

TITLE: French school
Description: Vacation courses in France for the whole family
URL: http://www.speak-french.fr

TITLE: Interactive French
Description: Learning French language and French Art & Civilization in France
URL: http://www.learning-french.fr

TITLE: language courses
Description: Learn a new language where it is spoken.
URL: http://www.studylanguages.org

TITLE: Englisch Sprachschulen
Description: englisch Sprachschulen. Lerne Englisch an einer englischen Sprachschule.
URL: http://www.language-learning.net/?lang_id=1&new=1

TITLE: Spanish School in Cuba
Description: Cactus Direct offers unique language portal that allows
you to search for language courses all over the world.
URL: http://www.cactusdirect.org/caribbean/cuba.php

TITLE: Seattle Language Institute is teaching language programs to adults and children at affordable rates in and around Seattle.
URL: http://www.seattlelanguages.com

TITLE: Aprender Alemán en Viena con la DeutschAkademie
Description: Conoce Austria, su lengua y cultura en grupos personalizados con un maximo de 9 personas por curso.
URL: http://www.deutschakademie.com/aprender-aleman-cursos

TITLE: Spanish immersion courses in Guadalajara, Mexico at IMAC
Description: Description: Spanish in Mexico! You will find a description of daily activities we offer to make learning Spanish a unique experience. Also find our pricing list and Spanish for specific skills program. You may start learning Spanish next Monday!
URL: http://www.spanish-school.com.mx

TITLE: Spanish 4 Students
URL: www.Spanish4students.com

TITLE: Study Abroad
Description: SE Study Abroad is an international directory listing schools and student housing abroad.
URL: http://www.sestudyabroad.com

TITLE: Spanish courses in Mexico City at Frida Spanish school.
Description: Cultural program and accommodation services for foreigners.
URL: http://www.fridaspanish.com

TITLE: ABC Argentina Spanish Courses
Description: Learn Spanish with ABC Spanish Schools. Come Learn Spanish with ABC Spanish Schools and enjoy a stimulating, multicultural environment with the most effective, energetic and highly qualified teaching staff around.
URL: http://www.spanish-schools.com.ar

TITLE: Links-Abroad.COM. Language Directory
Description: Links-Abroad.com is a comprehensive directory of study abroad programs worldwide, organized by destinations in four specific type of programs: Academic Year and Semester programs, Summer programs, Intensive Language programs, and Volunteer and Internships opportunities.
URL: http://www.links-abroad.com

TITLE: Learn Language Schools
Description: The best language schools for people interested in learn a foreign language abroad. Learn English in Malta, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada or England, French in France or Switzerland, German in Austria, Italian in Italy, Russian in Russia, Japanese in Japan, Chinese in China and Portuguese in Portugal.
URL: www.abroadlanguages.com

TITLE: Academia Colonial: A First Class Spanish School in Antigua Guatemala
Description: Located only 2 blocks from Central Park and all the hot
spots, Academia Colonial is truly a First Class Spanish School with a
mission of not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of
international travelers. Experience the difference!
URL: www.academiacolonial.com

TITLE: Spanish Courses in Panama | Spanish Courses in Boquete | Habla Ya Language Center
Description: List of Spanish Courses in Boquete. Language students have different needs: at Habla Ya Spanish School we offer different Spanish courses! Choose a Spanish course in Panama that best meets your needs. Not everyone wants the same Spanish course.
URL: http://www.hablayapanama.com/courses/

TITLE: Study Spanish in Costa Rica with Epifania Spanish School
Description: The best Spanish School to Study Spanish language in America. Contact Us today and start learning Spanish since the first class only at Epifania Spanish School.
URL: http://www.epifaniaschool.com

TITLE: Buespanish – Spanish school in Buenos Aires
Description: We offer group and private lessons, personalized and friendly attention, professional and experienced teachers.
URL: www.buespanish.com.ar

Language Resources

TITLE: Day Translations
Description: We are a global translation company specialized in many types of translation. This tool translates for free many words and sentences in different languages.
URL: https://www.daytranslations.com/freetranslation

Description: ISO 9001:2000 Certified Translation Company. We are based in Spain and we can offer translations from and into Spanish and most common languages.
URL: http://www.linguavox.net

TITLE: Spanish Uno
Description: is an Educational Software Product and is considered one of the most advanced of its kind. SpanishUno was designed by language education specialists and offers a complete Spanish Language Learning System.
URL: http://www.spanishuno.com/

TITLE: Advertising Translation | Publishing Translations | Translation Expert
Description: Keylingo is an innovative translation company offering services such as advertising translation and publishing translations by a translation expert. Keylingo combines the accuracy of professional human translation with industry leading speed achieved through harnessing the full power of the World Wide Web.
URL: http://www.keylingo.com

TITLE: Foreign language translation services
Description: Your Translation Matters offers a comprehensive range of services like foreign language services.
URL: http://www.yourtranslationmatters.com

TITLE: Need affordable Spanish translator for Spanish translation
Description: Excellence in Spanish language translation service with outstanding translators, affordable rates and guaranteed satisfaction?
URL : http://www.language-translation-service.net/spanish_translation.asp

TITLE: Accelerate Language Learning Software
URL: http://www.200words-a-day.com

TITLE: Learn Spanish – A Free Online Tutorial
URL: http://www.studyspanish.com

TITLE: Trusted Translations
Description: Trusted Translations Inc. is a leading provider of English/Spanish translations.
URL: http://www.trustedtranslations.com

TITLE: International School-Friends
Description: Stay in touch with your former school friends as well get in touch with students that you will meet in your new school anywhere in the world by creating your personal web-page. Chat and see your friends through our high-tech video system. Share your favourite videos, pictures, games and music. Join the biggest community of students of international schools worldwide! It’s easy and it’s free.
URL: http://www.international-schoolfriends.com/

Description: With our Spanish course you will learn Spanish online for free through the subject areas of most interest to you.
URL: http://www.nocomprendo.es/learn_spanish_online/eng

TITLE: LanguageLearningLibrary.org Language Learning Guide for students and teachers
Description: A FREE comprehensive guide to learning foreign languages: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish
URL: http://www.languagelearninglibrary.org/spanish/ 


TITLE: travel guide for students covering discounts
Description: a list of the must-visit websites and organizations as well as money saving ideas.
URL: https://upgradedpoints.com/students-guide-maximizing-travel-opportunities/

TITLE: Quetzaltrekkers
Description: Take a trek sith us and all profits go to support street kids and children at risk in Quetzaltenango through Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC)
URL: http://www.quetzaltrekkers.com/guathome.html

Title: Adrenalina Tours
URL: www.adrenalinatours.com

Description: Tour operator located in Guatemala region. We offer individual travel itineraries, our services hikes, tours, shuttles, bus rent, packages, rock climbing, rafting, flight and special services.  All itineraries and packages on this site can be altered to suit your personal wishes.

TITLE: Linea Dorada Bus Lines – Guatemala, Xela, Peten, Coban
URL: www.lineadorada.info

TITLE: Hostal Don Diego – Hostal in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
URL: www.hostaldondiegoxela.com

TITLE: Hikes in Guatemala
URL: www.caminandoguatemala.com

TITLE: Backpackers Bucks
Description: Discount Travel Card
Save Money Save Kids
URL: http://backpackerbucks.com/

www.linktodiversity.com is a place for students to find internships abroad, volunteer abroad, as well as study abroad programs.
URL: http://www.linktodiversity.com

SouthAmerica.travel offers 4* & 5* South America tours to Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Uruguay. Choose from hundreds of travel packages or customize your own tour, including international flights from anywhere!


TITLE: Escuela de la Calle (EDELAC)
Description: EDELAC es una institución de servicio a la niñez, su trabajo gira en torno a los Derechos Humanos y de los derechos de la Niñez establecidos en la Convención Internacional.
URL: http://www.escueladelacalle.org/

TITLE: EntreMundos.
DESCRIPTION: is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which supports and helps local community NGOs in Guatemala increase their capacities while respecting their principles and values.
URL: www.entremundos.org

Title: Volunteer Latin America Blog
Description: Blog about travelling and volunteering abroad in Central and South America.
Web address: www.volunteerlatinamerica.com/blog/

TITLE: Cactus Volunteers Abroad.
Description: Cactus Volunteers Abroad has teamed up with i-to-i to produce a range of award-winning volunteer projects. These volunteer projects provide unique travel and work experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds. Volunteers Abroad, Volunteer placements worldwide, providing unique travel and work experiences to people of all ages and backgrounds
URL: www.volunteers-abroad.com

TITLE: Travel Tree
Description: Search Travel Tree for volunteer work overseas, gap year programs, language schools, adventure holidays, international internships, career breaks, study abroad programs, jobs and much more.
URL: www.traveltree.co.uk

TITLE: TEFL jobs – Teaching English Abroad
Description: TEFL jobs – Teach English abroad. TEFL job placement in Mexico, Latin America and worldwide.
URL: www.teachmexico.com

TITLE: Volunteer Latin America
Description: The best source of affordable and worthwhile volunteer work opportunities in Mexico, Central and South America.
URL: http://www.volunteerlatinamerica.com

TITLE: Travel Muffin
Description: If you are looking for travel to the other side of the world, or a hotel room on the other side of town, we offer the best deals in town.
URL: http://www.travelmuffin.com/

TITLE: Ticket bus in Mexico
Description: Find information about bus tickets and bus companies in Mexico.
URL: www.ticketbus.com.mx

TITLE: Mexico Beach
Description: A travel information website for visitors interested on Mexico Vacation Destinations.
URL: http://www.mexicovacationtravels.com/

TITLE: Yapta
Description: Helping travelers save money on airfare since May 2007.
URL: http://www.yapta.com/

TITLE: York University
Description: York University is influenced by the groundwork of an interdisciplinary thinking where both students and faculty are motivated to hit the boundaries of change. York University is influenced by the groundwork of an interdisciplinary thinking where both students and faculty are motivated to hit the boundaries of change
URL: http://www.yorkuniversity.info

TITLE: EducationalToys4Kids
Description: Your Best Resource For Educational Toys and Child Developmental Products
URL: www.educationaltoys4kids.net

TITLE: Technical Institute
Description: You can find best massage therapy and massage therapists at Florida career college. We also offer web development, computer training and certification at our technical school.
URL : http://www.careercollege.edu

TITLE: Teen Boarding Schools
Description: Resources for parents looking to place their troubled teen in a specialty boarding school.
URL : http://www.myboardingschool.com

TITLE: College Degrees Online
Description: Convenience. Flexibilty. Totally Self Paced. Locate an Online School today!
URL: http://www.online-degrees-today.com/Online_Degrees.shtml

TITLE: Online Accredited College Degrees
Description: Online Accredited Degrees is a resource for prospective students searching for online degrees accredited college. We offer information about accredited institutions of higher learning accessible via the Web.
URL: http://www.online-accredited-degrees-college.com/

TITLE: Teaching Degrees – Online Teaching Degree
Description: Get Your degree from top rated teaching schools right here right now and boost your earning potential!
URL: http://www.online-teaching-degree-guys.com/

TITLE: = RFID Certification
Description: = RFID certification involving RFID learning and RFID training can help dramatically transform the way we do business in the future. RFID includes RFID conference with training options providing information in making intelligent decisions.
URL = http://www.rfid4u.com

TITLE: Online Tefl training course – Teach English overseas.
Description: Study our online TEFL training course and conclude your studies with real teaching practice in Guadalajara, Mexico. Guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide.
URL: www.tefl-online.com

TITLE: Online Education at Study-Online.net
Description: Provides information about online degrees & courses, colleges & universities. You can find the program you need, register, and earn your degree from the convenience of your home or office.
URL: http://www.study-online.net

TITLE: 1.- Teach English Abroad – Tefl / Tesl Certification in Mexico.
Description: Become certified to Teach English Worldwide. Guaranteed paid job placement in Mexico and direct employment contacts worldwide, upon succesfull completion of the Tefl certificate course.
URL: http://www.teflcertificatecourses.com

Description: = We offer online ESL (English as second language) certification course for your job requirements of teaching English abroad. If you want to teach English overseas, i.e., China, Spain, Poland, South Korea then you are at right place.
URL = http://www.americantesol.com

TITLE: Admission Essay
Description: With-Honors ( A team of Harvard University Graduates ) offers Admission Essay for MBA Business School, law and scholarship applications.
URL: http://www.with-honors.com/

TITLE: MBA Universities
Description: Request free information from wide range of MBA universities and Colleges.
URL: http://www.earnmbadegree.com

TITLE: Nursing Abbreviations
Description: Information about the educational offers in nursing, the nursing programs, levels, possible career options, and especially about travel nursing