13th August 2020


Our Teaching Staff

All of our teachers have many years experience teaching Spanish as a second language to students from around the world at all different levels. Some of our teachers have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for over 10 years. Although each of our teachers have their own methods and style of teaching, the school has a set curriculum that all teachers must follow. As part of our goal to bring you the best Spanish Language instruction possible, we have many strict requirements for the teachers that we hire.

Spanish School GuatemalaSpanish School Guatemala

Teachers at Educación para Todos must:

1. Be a graduate of a high school level program and be currently taking courses at or have completed a college level program of study.

2. Complete a written and spoken interview to determine their educational vocation, abilities to communicate, methodology, etc.

Spanish School Guatemala3. Have a high level of general knowledge of the social, cultural, economic, and historical aspects of Guatemala and all Latin America.

4. Receive an 8-week course given by the school on teaching methodology, grammar, teaching styles, communication and inter-personal relations.

5. Pass an examination following the 8-week course with an 85% or more average.

6. Participate in regular refresher courses and seminars offered during their time with us.

Spanish School GuatemalaTeachers at Educación para Todos are very involved with their students. It is not unusual for all the teachers and students to go to a coffee shop, go out to dinner, go and see a movie, go dancing in the evenings or just hang out and talk. The school takes trips together every weekend, participates in soccer games against other schools and has weekly Friday night dinners.

Our teaching team works hard to make you feel at home while offering you the best Spanish education possible.


ADDRESS: Avenida El Cenizal 0-58 zona 5, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

(We are located to only 8 minutes by walking from Central Park of Xela)

E-MAIL: edu_paratodos@yahoo.com   OR   info@spanishschools.biz 

PHONE: (011-502) 5566-1182

  (011-502) 5566-1182