13th August 2020

Spring Breack 2018 Spanish Programs in Quetzaltenango “Xela”, Guatemala


Guatemalan Flag

Why Xela and why Guatemala?

Spanish School GuatemalaThere are many great reasons to visit, travel and even study in Guatemala. It is a lot cheaper to study and travel in Guatemala than in other Latin American countries. For its small size, Guatemala is extremely diverse in geography and climate. You can go from hot coastal plains and beaches to cool highland regions characterized by over 30 volcanoes to the tropical jungles of the Petén. Traveling is done easily and inexpensively. There is sufficient infrastructure and no problem finding transportation, hotels, restaurants and other needs. And you can find them all at your particular budget.

One of the most unique characteristics of Guatemala is its indigenous population. Guatemala’s population is 65% indigenous made up of 24 different indigenous groups speaking 24 different languages. For 500 years, since the Spanish conquest, the indigenous people have struggled for their rights and identity. In spite of this, they have kept their languages, customs, traditional clothing and religious ceremonies.

Spanish School Guatemala VolunteeringGuatemala’s history is characterized by repression, atrocities and human rights violations. These times have left behind a country struggling for economic, political and social stability and a continued struggle with its violent past and extreme poverty. The 36 year internal war waged against the people left close to 300,000 dead and disappeared, 1 million refugees, communities in resistance and internally displaced, 50,000 widowed, 100,000 orphans, 626 massacres and 444 villages wiped completely off the map. Peace was finally reached in December 1996 when the government and URNG forces signed the Peace Accords for a Firm and Lasting Peace. The recent report given by the CEH, the Comisión para el Esclareciemiento Histórico, a truth commission set up by conditions within the Peace Accords, attributed 95% of the human rights violations committed to the military and para military forces. Since this time, Guatemalans have began their work to reconstruct their lives and communities and continue their fight for the

Spanish School Guatemala VolunteeringEducación para Todos recognized the need for joining this fight to rebuild a Guatemala defined by a better way of life, respect and rights for its varied population and opportunities everyone. Through the Volunteer Center, students are able to get involved as well.


ADDRESS: Avenida El Cenizal 0-58 zona 5, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

(We are located to only 8 minutes by walking from Central Park of Xela)

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  (011-502) 5566-1182